Dog Vaccines available in India and their prices (2024 updated list)

In this article, We have made a list of all different brands of dog vaccines available in India and their prices. This is not a vaccination guide, you will find many such already written elsewhere on the internet. Here, we arrive exactly to what are the different brand options you have for vaccines in India and their prices so you can make a good choice after selecting which vaccine type to give to your dog – dhppi or rabies or booster doses or other optional vaccines.

Mandatory/Core vaccines:-

The 2 most-needed vaccines for every dog are dhppi vaccine and rabies vaccine. While there are many other optional vaccines available that can be given apart from these 2 types, they are usually given to pet dogs and puppies. If you are a street animal lover and want to focus on the primary vaccines, then these 2 are the ones to go. These can be given to puppies as well as adult dogs who have not been vaccinated before or as booster doses to already vaccinated dogs.

Dhppi vaccines(for protection from Canine distemper virus(CDV), canine adenovirus type 1(ICH/CAV1) & 2(CAV2), canine parvovirus (CPV) and canine parainfluenza virus (CPi):-

a)Nobivac DhppiL 1ml(Dhppi 1ml MRP Rs570 + Lepto 1ml MRP Rs170): Comes in freeze-dried liquid powder form which needs to be mixed with Nobivac sterile diluent or saline before application(Nobivac Dhppi). In place of diluent, you can also combine it with Nobivac Lepto vaccine which comes as liquid and is administered as DHPPiL.

Nobivac dhppil dog vaccine

Coming from the house of MSD animal health, nobivac dhppi and lepto vaccines are very good quality-wise as well as price-wise(NGO/Street animal-friendly).

b)Canishot DHPPL 1ml(MRP Rs750)/ CANISHOT K5(MRP Rs490): Both canishot dhppl and K5 comes from the house of Intas animal health and is a very premium vaccine. Both DHPPL & K5 are 5 in 1 vaccines which covers CPV, CDV, CAV1, CAV2, CPi in 1 dose.

canishot dhppl dog vaccine

Canishot DHPPL includes 1 shot of canishot dhpp+1 shot canishot lepto and provides additional protection against Leptospira spp. which one dose of K5 misses out on.

c)Vanguard Plus 5l4 1ml(MRP Rs900): Vanguard plus 5l4 is the top choice of many vets and comes from the house of Zoetis USA(Previously known as Pfizer). As per manufacturer guidelines, it is suitable for puppies of age 6 weeks and above from immunization against CPV, CDV, CAV1, CAV2, CPi in 1 dose. Called a 5-in-1 vaccine by some. Can be given to adult dogs as well as booster doses.

vanguard 5l4 dog vaccine

Pricewise vanguard is much pricier than Nobivac dhppil, pfizer dhppil, Megavac etc and usually not a choice for ngos or for large-scale application and is mostly used by pet dogs.

d)Megavac 6 & 7 1ml(MRP Rs800)/ Starvac 7 1ml(MRP Rs750): Both Megavac 6 & Megavac 7 come from the house of Indian Immunologicals and are priced in the economy zone making them a top choice among large scale applications and NGOs.

Megavac 7 dog vaccine

Megavac 7 is a better choice than Megavac 6 as it covers CPV, CDV, CAV1, CAV2, CPi as well as Lepto in 1 dose. Megavac 7 comes as a combination of Megavac 7 – 1 & Megavac 7 -2.

e)Vencosix 1ml(MRP Rs800)/ Vencomax 8 1ml(MRP Rs1000)/ Vencomax 10 1ml/ Vencomax 11 1ml(MRP Rs1450)/ Canvac 8 1ml(MRP Rs750)/ Canglob D forte 6ml(MRP Rs3600)/ Canglob P 6ml(MRP Rs3600): These vaccines come from the house of Panav Biotech in India. Vencosix provides protection against CPV, CDV, CAV1, CAV2, CPi as well as Lepto in 1 dose. Vencomax 11 provides protection against more strains of virus than vencosix and is also known as 11 in 1 vaccine while Vencomax 8 is 8 in 1 vaccine. These vaccines can given from 45days age.

panav biotech distemper parvo dog vaccine

Company-recommended doses are 1ml/animal, from 45 days of age, and a 2nd ,3rd and 4th dose should be applied, with a 21-day interval between them for puppies and 3 doses with 21 days of interval between them for unvaccinated adults. Revaccinate annually.

Canine Immunoglobulins. Or antibodies IgY – Canglob P and D forte(Both priced at MRP Rs3600 each) 6ml provide passive immunization against parvo and distemper respectively and is suitable for post-occurrence cases which is not available in most other dhppil vaccines discussed above. Canglob P and D forte contain purified hyperimmune immunoglobulins that are effective after the occurance of parvo or distemper.

canglob p & d forte

Recommended dosage for canglob is: Therapeutic dosage is 0.4 ml per 1 kg of live weight daily up to the improvement of health. Prophylactic dosage is 0.4 ml per 1 kg of live weight daily every 5 days when the risk of disease lasts. I.V administration for best results.

f)Canigen Dhppi/L 1ml(MRP Rs600)/ Canigen DHP 1ml(MRP Rs500): These dhppi(& lepto) vaccines come from the house of Virbac animal health.

canigen dhppi/L

Provides active immunization of dogs from 8 weeks of age, against Canine Distemper, Parvovirus Enteritis, Hepatitis, respiratory disease induced by CAV-2 and Parainfluenza virus, and leptospirosis caused by L.canicola and L.icterohaemorrhagiae.

Rabies vaccine(Inactivated/activated vaccines for immunization against Rabies):-

Rabies is the most widely chosen or common vaccine for pets dogs as well as street dogs. The price of rabies vaccine is much cheaper than dhppi vaccines and the options are provided below:-

a)Nobivac Rabies 1ml(MRP Rs200) & 10ml(MRP Rs580)/ Nobivac RL 1ml(MRP Rs300): Nobivac rabies vaccines come from the house of MSD animal health and top choice among animal lovers. Good price wise as well as quality-wise. This vaccine can also be given as Post-Bite treatment(Post-exposure Prophylaxis).

nobivac rabies dog vaccine

Nobivac RL is for both rabies and lepto which you can give if lepto is not covered previously.

b)Raksharab 1ml(MRP Rs160) & 10ml(MRP Rs480)/ Starvac R 1ml(MRP Rs160): Raksharab canine rabies vaccines is from Indian Immunologicals. Priced economically, this one is available in both 1ml and 10ml variants making large-scale application easy and cheap.

raksharab rabies 1ml 10ml dog vaccine

Also, Raksharab can be given as an after-bite vaccine or post-occurrence vaccine.

c)Canvac-R 1ml(MRP Rs200) & 10ml(MRP Rs600): Dyntec Canvac R comes from the house of Panav biotech.


It is an anti-rabies vaccine for dogs & puppies.

d)Rabigen Mono 1ml(MRP Rs225): Rabigen mono from virbac animal health is a popular rabies vaccine.

Virbac Rabigen Mono Dog & Cat vaccine

This same vaccine can be given to dogs as well as cats.

e)Canishot RV-F 1ml(MRP Rs201.53): This rabies vaccine comes from the house of Intas Pharmaceuticals.


f)Zoetis Defensor 1ml(MRP Rs207)/10ml(MRP Rs685): This imported vaccine for rabies comes from Zoetis USA and is a very popular rabies vaccine worldwide.

zoetis defensor rabies vaccine dogs cats cattle

Optional/Add on vaccines/Non-core vaccines:-

a)Nobivac puppy dp 1ml(MRP Rs530): Nobivac puppy dp is the first vaccine that is given to a puppy usually by many veterinarians and protects between 4 to 6 weeks of age against distemper and parvovirus.

nobivac puppy dp

It is recommended to give puppy dp before the usual dhppil and rabies vaccines by many veterinarians.

b)Megavac Canine Corona(CC) 1ml(MRP Rs355)/ Vencorona 1ml(MRP Rs600)/10ml(MRP Rs2500)/ Canishot CV 1ml(MRP Rs380)/ Vanguard CV 1ml(MRP Rs710): These vaccines provides immunization against the canine coronavirus. Although the human coronavirus is a different virus, demand for this canine corona vaccine has soared after COVID19 due to increasing concerns among pet owners.

Canine corona vaccines India

This is usually considered to be an optional vaccine, this can also be given along with dhppil vaccines in the form of Zoetis Vanguard 5L4CV(MRP Rs1550). Separately one can give the Megavac cc, Vencorona, canishot cv or Nobivac 1-CV to fulfill the purpose.

c)Nobivac KC/ Defense Bronch 20DS 1ml(MRP Rs850): Kennel cough affects many dogs & puppies and these vaccines provide early immunization against the kennel cough virus. Many vets recommend pet owners give this vaccine for safety.

Kennel cough vaccines dog India

Helps prevent Canine Infectious Tracheobrochitis(Kennel Cough) caused by Bordetella bronchiseptica.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for information purpose only, please consult with your veterinarian to administer a vaccine.

Although we are a veterinary pharmacy, we do not sell vaccines online or home-deliver vaccines individually as proper cold chain process(2-8 degree C) needs to be maintained for the effectiveness of the vaccine and it is not possible to do so over a certain distance. 

It is recommended to take your dog to your nearest vet clinic for vaccination so you do not have to go through the hassle of keeping it cold yourself, the closer you get to the source of vaccine and bulk storage facilities like animal hospitals with power backup, the better it is. If you do not have the scope of clinic visit, make sure to tell the vet store to include proper ice pack packing or carry a thermos flask yourself. Always get your dog vaccinated by vet/paravet, do not administer yourself as incorrect administration can cause complications.

Expected vaccine price with discount: MRP(Maximum Retail Price) of individual vaccines is given above for each vaccine(MRP is subject to change over time, we will try to keep it updated as and when it changes). For a single purchase, expect approx 30% off on mrp on vaccines in our stores. A lot of the vaccine costs indirectly go into the cold chain process. As farther from the source you get where more transportation is required, the price can be much higher. For bulk purchases for NGO uses or mass application, one can expect 50-60% off on mrp. Usually, for a shop in the city that offers standard 15% off on other pet products, vaccines are sold at a higher discount – 30% off. Always check expiry date before purchasing or administering a vaccine.

If the vaccine is in freeze dried powder form, make sure to collect sterile diluent(given free with vaccine) while purchasing.

So which vaccine to give first???

As for the first vaccine, you can give Nobivac puppy dp vaccine as early as 4 weeks age. Usually, breeders give it before selling the puppy to you. If you are adopting your puppy at that infant age, you can give it. If adoption occurs at a later stage after 8 weeks age or even at adult age, it is better to skip puppy dp and give any one of the dhppil vaccines first and then rabies after some days/weeks. For the booster shot, you can repeat the same vaccine brand as the previous shot or get similar composition of any other brand if the previous is not available. 

Administering veterinarian usually reserves the ultimate right on which brand of vaccine to choose what he thinks is better or simply what is in stock with him at that time.

While buying or administering your first vaccine, make sure to get a vaccination book for record-keeping purposes. A sample vaccination book is shown below where you can attach the stickers of the vaccines in the book.

dog vaccination book

This vaccination book is useful during accidental bite cases, traveling or registering for dog shows. It also contains the schedule of your next vaccination date.

The brand/manufacture-wise MRP list of all well-known canine vaccines available in India is given below. The following dog vaccine price list has been last updated on Dec 2023.

Indian Immunologicals:-

Megavac 7 1ml : MRP Rs800.

Megavac CC 1ML: MRP Rs355.

Raksharab 1ml : MRP Rs160.

Raksharab 5ml : MRP Rs340.

Raksharab 10ml: MRP Rs480.

Starvac R 1ml: MRP Rs160.

Starvac 7:MRP Rs750.

Intas Pharmaceuticals:-

Canishot DHPPL 1ml: MRP Rs750.

Canishot K5 1ml: MRP Rs490.

Canishot CV 1ml: MRP Rs380.

Canishot RV-F 1ml: MRP Rs201.53.

MSD Animal Health:-

Nobivac DHPPi 1ml: MRP Rs570.

Nobivac KC 1ml: MRP Rs720.

Nobivac L4 1ml: MRP Rs300.

Nobivac Lepto 1ml: MRP Rs170.

Nobivac Puppy DP 1ml: MRP Rs530.

Nobivac Rabies 1ml: MRP Rs200.

Nobivac Rabies 10ml: MRP Rs580.

Nobivac RL 1ml: MRP Rs300.


Canigen DHP 1ml: MRP Rs500.

Canigen DHPPI/L 1ml: MRP Rs600.

Rabigen mono 1ml: MRP Rs225.

Panav Biotech:-

Canglob P 6ml: MRP Rs3600.

Canglob D forte 6ml: MRP Rs3600.

Vencosix 1ml: MRP Rs800.

Vencomax 8 1ml: MRP Rs1000.

Vencomax 11 1ml: MRP Rs1450.

Vencorona 1ml: MRP Rs600.

Vencorona 10ml: MRP Rs2500.

Canvac R 1ml: MRP Rs200.

Canvac R 10ml: MRP Rs600.

Canvac 8 1ml: MRP Rs750.


Vanguard plus 5l4 1ml: MRP Rs900.

Vanguard plus 5l4CV 1ml: MRP Rs1550.

Vanguard CV 1ml: MRP Rs710.

Defensor 1ml: MRP Rs207..

Defensor 10ml: MRP Rs685.

Merial/Boehringer Ingelheim:-

Recombitek C3 1ml: MRP Rs480.

Recombitek C4 1ml: MRP Rs520.

Recombitek C6 1ml: MRP Rs640.

Recombitek L4 1ml: MRP Rs300.

Rabisin 1ml: MRP Rs180.

Rabisin 10ml: MRP Rs550.


Biocan DhppiL 1ml: MRP Rs900

Biocan C 1ml: MRP Rs700.

Biocan R 1ml: MRP Rs200.

Biocan R 10ml: MRP Rs500.

Biocan Puppy DP 1ml: MPS Rs1000.