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Beaphar HD (hip dysplasia) joint management tablets for dogs and cats all breed


‘Best before’ 01/2019 [Fresh stock]

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This product for Netherland’s best pet healthcare firm Beaphar (GMP certified)is the ideal remedy to joint problems and the most dreaded Hip Dysplacia.Also hip dysplasia is a genetic disorder,hence it spreads rapidly and needs to be controlled or it may cause abnormal joint pain/arthritis to your dog/cat.

Dosage-Up to 2 tablets/10kg body weight per day for first 3 weeks and 1 tablet after 3 weeks each day for both dogs/cats.

In case of recurrent pain,the same dosage should be followed on daily basis for as long as necessary.


1)Suitable for dogs(also pregnant dogs) and cats/kittens of any breed suffering from hip dysplasia,elbow dysplasia,osteoarthritis  and other joint problems

2)For obese dogs/cats with stressed joints,this supplement can be very beneficial.

3)Muscle breakdown and stiffness which is very common in old dogs/cats can be treated with this.

4)Contains MSM(Methylsulfonylmethane) which is an anti-imflammatory substance along with Vitamin C & E for healthier joints.

5)Contains L-carnitine and Taurine aiding production of MSM.

6)Rich in zince and potassium for enhanced muscles.

Ingredients-Dimethylsulphone.Potassium chloride,Starch,Sunflower oil,minerals,zinc chloride,Crude fibre(80%w/w),crude protein(0.08%w/w),sulphur(2.55% w/w),mositure(5%w/w),Calcium,L-cartinine, value-600Kcal/kg.

Directions of use-The tablet should be given to your dog’s mouth as a whole,not as powder or broken pieces.Make sure your dog swallows it.Can also be given to cat/kitten likewise.

Be advised that HD tablets do not completely cure hip dysplasia rather it is a supplement which helps prevent it as well as alleviate symptoms for those suffering from it.So,please do not forget to go to a proper vet if your dog/cat is suffering from acute problems.However,these can be taken harmlessly as supplement for prevention and control,not as a medicine.

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