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Petkin Jumbo Ear wipes 80pc for dogs and cats


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These ear wipes manufactured by petkin(made in USA) are veterinarian approved. They are the ideal remedy for your pet’s smelly or itchy ears. Got a pet whose in ear smells or he shakes his shakes time to time? Then this will surely help. The ingredients used are suitable for in ear usage.


1)Safe and Easy to use wet wipes even on stubborn pets.

2)Removes bad odor,dirt and unwanted ear wax.

3)Prevents irritation and itching thus giving your pet relief.

Directions of use:Before first use,remove the top lid and pull a wipe from center of the roll through the opening in lid. Pull out wet wipe and tear at an angle. Gently wipe the ear insides till they are clean. Don’t go too deep inside the ear canal. Repeat in next ear with new wipe.

Ingredients:Pure Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera Gel, Chlorhexidine Gluconate, Botanical Extracts.

No. of wipes-80

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