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Trixie Dog/Cat Premium Nail Clipper

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This premium pet nail clipper is a genuine imported product manufactured by Trixie(Germany) and is a nail clipper of superior sharpness,finish and durability. This tool stays sharp for innumerable grooming sessions and is made of tough material for longevity. Also it has rust free coating and it’s sharpness and rigidity make nail clipping easy and quick.

Shape-Claw shaped as shown in pic(16 cm in length)


1)Superior sharpness made of stainless steel along with anti-slip rubber grip.

2)Adjustable blade with limiter to prevent trimming nails too close to the skin.

Precaution: Nail clipping is a habit you need to grow in your dog/cat from a very early age. If you dog is an adult and you haven’t trimmed his/her nails before,be aware as he may not like the experience and may get angry in the first time,few adult dogs might just not allow you to trim his/her nails. Cut only the white part of the nails,not the black part to ensure it is a painless experience with no unwanted bleeding. In case bleeding occurs if you have cut too close,use an anti-septic solution like betadine or visit your nearest vet. You should start trimming very young when dog/cat is small,that helps to grow up practice and becomes hassle free even when dog grows.

Trimming should be done every 20-30 days or as per your dog/cat’s nail growth.

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