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Are you a dog owner in India who’s planning on dog mating now or sometime in the near future?You must read this.

labrador puppy brown and black

As an ardent pet owner, there is one thing that worries me at times is the short life span of our lovely dogs. Being in the pet industry for 5 years, I have met countless dog owners who are afraid of the same. Dogs are wonderful creatures and as all pet owners know, the average […]

Royal Canin vs Farmina N&D – Which food is the best for your dog

royal canin vs farmina dog food

Royal Canin and Farmina N&D are two of the most common yet premium dog food options available in India. Most dog owners wonder which one to choose for their puppy since they keep hearing good things about both these companies. Having talked to countless pet owners, veterinarians and our own experience as dog owners for […]

Impact of GST on Pet products(Dog or cat food,accessories and other supplies)-Complete analysis

Royal Canin,Drools,choostix Dog food buy online free fast delivery all over India

With the ringing of GST(Goods and services tax) in India from July 1, 2017 onward, prices of daily pet supplies like pet food, pet collars, pet shampoo, pet cages and more are up for substantial changes. Although very few pet items like toys are set to become cheaper, daily necessities like imported shampoos, leash, collars, […]

Indian dog owners must avoid buying/breeding/importing these insanely popular foreign dog breeds at any cost: Here’s why

Before getting a dog or a puppy, it is necessary to research about the climate that particular breed is meant to be kept in and it’s energy level. Still, rich Indians, mostly as a sign of status symbol end up buying or importing illegally these foreign dog breeds who are clearly not meant to be […]

Planning to buy or adopt a second dog in India? Check out these 7 dog breeds than go along very well with other dogs or cats or babies.

Statistics show more than 60% of dog owners plan on getting a second dog within 3 years of the first one. It is always a matter of great concern whether your pets will like each other. There can always be an unwanted power struggle between your old dog and new which may lead to chaos […]