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farmina variantsGet Farmina dog food products manufactured by Natural & Delicioius from our store. Being authorized dealer of Farmina, genuineness and freshness of stock is guarranteed. You can find all variants of farmina the company has brought to India in our store. Farmina range of dog food is divided into 2 varieties:
1)Grain free- This is the most ultra-premium variety and is composed of 100% meat and fruits, 0 % fillers. There are two natural ingredient based variants as well. One is Chicken, Pumpkin and Pomegranate while the other is a mix of codfish, chicken. There is also a variant with lamb meat and blueberry. All these grain-free products are suitable for hypo-allergenic dogs as well since most dogs are allergic to grains like corn, oats, wheat which this food is completely free from.
2)Low grain-While this food is not completely grain-free, it is good as well. It is slighly cheaper than the grain-free food packets.Variants are pretty similar to the grain-free ones in flavor and names. In case, you dog is okay with grains, this will be as good as grain free ones.
Respective packets are further subdivided on basis of breed(maxi, medium, mini) and age(starter, puppy, adult).
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