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Trixie Double Sided Grooming Brush with pin and bristles


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This grooming tools for puppies and dogs from Trixie is an ideal tool for daily grooming needs of your dog. On one side, it has pins and bristles on the other side to take care of both over-coat and under-coat of your dog. Dead hair from both top and base coat are detangled and removed by this, thus preventing unwanted shedding at other times.


1)Dual purpose double sided with pin tips on one side, bristles on the other.

2)Massages and removes dead hair from your pet’s coat,thus taking care of shedding all over your house.

3)Sturdy with wooden handle,ideal for daily brushing needs.

4)Suitable for both long and short haired dogs of any breed and size.

5)The side with bristles also helps remove doggy hair from fabric and clothes. The side with pin removes dead hair from your dog’s undercoat.

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