Are you a dog owner in India who’s planning on dog mating now or sometime in the near future?You must read this.

labrador puppy brown and black

As an ardent pet owner, there is one thing that worries me at times is the short life span of our lovely dogs. Being in the pet industry for 5 years, I have met countless dog owners who are afraid of the same. Dogs are wonderful creatures and as all pet owners know, the average lifespan of a dog varies from 9 to 15 years.

I have seen dog owners suffering from depression and even contemplating suicide at the sudden loss of their only dog.But the truth is, in return for the wonderful experience you will get while owning a dog, you must suffer the consequence of their demise which usually comes a lot earlier than us, humans.

However, it is essential to prepare for the same mentally. One very fruitful approach to this is to get a baby puppy out of your dog by breeding and that does lower grief to a great extent as there still remains something related to your dog that you can hold on to when time comes. However, as you all know, dog breeding these days is more for wealth gain than emotions. Many breeders without adhering to health guidelines do forceful breeding of dogs to gain puppies and make money by selling them.To counter this harmful practice,the government of India as reported in Times of India, has recently launched a new rule that prevents dog breeding without registration.

Let me elaborate what it means to have a registered dog.When you are breeding and getting the pups registered with the Kennel Club of India,breeders have to adhere to strict guidelines to prevent over-breeding. However, previously anybody could get their dogs laid and gain money.But that has changed. Now on, it’s mandatory to get your dog registered and have adequate papers and micro-chip if you are planning on dog breeding.Be it for personal baby like I said before, or for commercial use, the rules are the same. This is certainly useful as it will check unhealthy over-breeding most dog owners who want to get puppies, not for selling but as memories of their dog, are in danger as well.Many dogs breeders I know are reluctant to provide proper papers and micro-chip for pups they sell. With this latest rule, it becomes mandatory that your dog must be registered with the Kennel club of India or your dogs are liable to be seized if you do otherwise(perform dog breeding without papers).

So, if you are a dog owner and want to get your dog registered, there is nothing to fear if you follow the guidelines. Even if the person you bought and adopted the dog from didn’t provide microchip or papers, you can get your unknown breed registered as well with the kennel club of India. While they will surely reject papers related to over-breeding, personal breeders are in the clear and the only thing you need to do to have a legal claim on your dog is to get him/her registered with KCI. Also, most dog shows in India have Micro-chip tag compulsory for participation. The process of registration is simple, you need to contact the Kennel Club of India either by mail or phone and carry on the proceedings.I am from Calcutta and the first golden retriever I purchased came with no papers.Even though the owner said he will provide the same, I waited for 8 months, repeatedly called and got nothing.

Single dog registration KCI

Breed registration AWB

If you are from Calcutta, you may contact us for help to get your dog registered. While it is unlikely that among so many dogs, the ones not registered and bred could be seized because of the huge amount of uncontrolled excessive breeding, as a responsible dog owner it is better to stay in the clear and plan ahead.

On successful completion of registration,you will get the following certification and micro-chip from the kennel club of India.

kci dog registration certificate

dog microchip

216 thoughts on “Are you a dog owner in India who’s planning on dog mating now or sometime in the near future?You must read this.

  1. Kiran Patil says:

    I have Saint Bernard dog 2 yrs old male for mating..if anyone have female for mating pls call me on 9320249777
    Add: Dombivli,thane 421201

  2. hentolollen88 says:

    I have Young stud male Rottweiler(1 and1/2 year).
    If anyone have good breed female for mating can contact me through WhatsApp
    Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

  3. Arun Prasath says:

    I’m having young male pug dog with the age of 1.5 yrs
    Does anyone have female pug and looking for mating, you can contact me on 9790226078.
    Location : Chennai, Ambattur

  4. Rohit sajeev says:

    I have a female european doberman pinscher for mating. I am looking foward to a male European doberan. Anybody interested please contact in 8921066160

  5. Rahul says:

    I have a male Labrador (2.5 years) looking for mating for the first time. If anyone looking for mating in Hyderabad kindly contact @ 9603007806

  6. Shivani Sekhon says:

    I have a male Beagle (1.5 years) looking for mating for the first time. If anyone looking for mating in Delhi/NCR. kindly contact @ 9899111920

  7. Hema says:

    I have a male shitzu for mating, 2 years old and in perfect condition. Please call me if you’re interested: 9008123657

  8. Kiran says:

    I have a golden retriever male looking for mating for the first time
    Age: 2.5 years
    Place: Hyderabad
    Contact: 9133456464

  9. Vishal says:

    I have male mini pomerian dog 4 years old looking for female mini pomerian dog for mating anybody need contact me on. this no : 9441312833
    Location: hyderabad

    • Vicky says:

      Please sir contact me i called u but u r a out of station I have a female golden pug I want tooo crossing she is a 1.5 years old please sir contact me 9971468896, and, 7982301080 vicky frm delhi mahilpur

  10. Balu says:

    I’m having a male healthy Labrador 9 yrs old for mating in Hyderabad.
    Please contact if anyone has a female Labrador.
    We are having a big backyard. You can leave your pet for a couple of days free of cost and Pedigree will be provided.
    Please contact if interested to email

  11. Richard Harrison says:

    I have a one and half years old female German Shepherd, need a male for matting. Please contact me if you have any male 8754193844

  12. Manisha baranwal says:

    I have a male cocker spaniel 4 yrs old need a female to breed if anyone interested plss contact-8169989530

  13. AJAY says:

    i have a german purebred Rottweiler 1.5 yr old, heavybone .
    contact for mating(1st time) if you have a rottweiler female.
    address- delhi,
    contact no.- 9871161418

  14. Prakhar Singh says:

    I have male Rottweiler and I want to mait with female…..I want female Rottweiler for mate…if anyone have female contact me on 7808383838

  15. Prashant Pandey says:

    I’d like to adopt 2 dogs( preferably 2 months old Golden/Labrador Retriever or Pomeranian), for my kids in Hyderabad. Please let me know if you’re interested. Whatsapp me at 9502945638

  16. seema says:

    I have a labrador (white and golden) 3 years old need a female labrador for mating. please contact- 9412429181

  17. PULKIT says:

    I have a male tibetan spaniel (white and golden ) 4.5 years old . Looking for a female tibetan spaniel for mating . Please what’sapp on 8800350952

  18. Pritham says:

    Hi I have a Male beagle 2years old ready for mating if anybody has female beagle please get in touch 9731558450

  19. Muralidhar says:

    Hi I have a male German Shepherd Single coated 1 year 8 month need a female German Shepherd for mating. Plzz contact me + 91 9959988497 Muralidhar V

  20. srinivas.pudu says:

    2 Years old handsome Golden Retriever Male looking for a female golden retreiver for mating in Hyderabad – please let me know

  21. Mukul Pasrija says:

    I have a male Rottweiler 3 yrs.
    looking for a female Rottweiler
    In Ghaziabad or Delhi
    contact 9953657575

  22. kpchandrashekar says:

    Dear all I have smart Young stud male Rottweiler(2 year) in Bangalore near HAL air port.
    If anyone have good breed female for mating can contact me through WhatsApp

  23. Rakesh Alva says:

    I have a 3.5 years old germen Shepard single coat, looking for a female GS for first mate at bangalore.


  24. Shubhankar says:

    I have a 5 year old pure bred beagle with certificate and microchip from Kennel Club of India. Looking for female beagles for breeding in Delhi/NCR. Please contact 9910397791

  25. Hitesh says:

    I have a male had 1 year and 4 months old. Am looking for female gsd for him (for mating). If any one have any female gsd please contact me 8860099168

  26. Suzzen juhi says:

    I have male german shepardb
    age-2.5 years, looking for matting first time in Kolkata
    Anyone how interested do call on-8232087116

  27. Ratneshwar says:

    I have male chihuahua male looking for 1 St time for mating in Pune. If anyone interested pls contact 9766558173

  28. Vimal Raheja says:

    I’ve a male english Labrador looking for a purebred female lab .
    he’s 1.5 years old I’ll mating him at around 2 years most probably.
    interested people can see his pictures on his instagram account @thatfablab and dm for any queries.
    9899913698(WhatsApp only)
    location: west delhi

  29. Akshay says:

    I have male golden retriever of age 1 year pure breed KCI certification…need female for mating please call 9865309719

  30. Umesh Kumar says:

    I have male German Shepard 2.5 years,
    Looking for female for him
    If anyone interested contact me
    Umesh – 7838392696 Delhi

  31. Ankush Saini says:

    Hi, I have a 3 year old GS male up for its second mating, healthy and heavy bone breed, all vaccination done, and I am a veterinarian, want a GS bitch for mating, you can call me at 6363954261, dog is in Delhi

  32. Carol Fernandes says:

    I have a Male Black n brown Doberman Pinscher for mating. I am looking foward to a Female Dorberman. Anybody interested please contact on 8169380692
    Location Malad west Mumbai

  33. Mandeep Singh Sabharwal says:

    Hi, I have a champion blood line male Rottweiler 3YO, muscular and of good temperament. Looking for a female Rott in Delhi NCR. Anyone interested may whats app me at-9910282728

  34. Karanveer singh chetri says:

    I have a strong built 3 years old army well trained breed line , cream in colour labrador retriever. I am looking for a female labrador for mating.
    Age- 3 years
    Weight -40 kilos
    Credit- no obesity, fully active dog, strong built.

  35. Nitesh Sharma says:

    Hey i have male labrador ready for mating. He is 2.5 yrs old black color. 9654161922 is my contact number

  36. Utsav Pokhriyal says:

    I’ve a male German Shepherd 5 years old, anyone with female GSD, feel free to contact 9971706887 (strictly non commercial purpose).

  37. JayaramPandy says:

    I have a female fawn color pink nose labrador. 2.5yrs old, want male more than 3yrs old for mating in 2days, location chennai. Contact 9840039262

  38. hitesh BARARIA says:

    i have Young stud male shihtzu (1 and1/2 year).
    If anyone have good breed female for mating can contact me through WhatsApp
    delhi ncr

  39. Rahul Singh says:

    Looking for Male beagle for mating with my female beagle. 1 year 4 months … this will be on non commercial terms. Please contact on 9811812321..

  40. Prajwal Shetty says:

    I have a XXL size pitbull for mating in Powai Andheri East Mumbai Maharashtra 400072
    Contact : 9833048377

  41. Sivakumar says:

    I have a Great Dane fawn coloured male .1 year n 2 months old… need a female Great Dane for mating .. if interested pl call

  42. Raisa Fernandes says:

    Hi everyone!!!!! I have a pure breed, double coat, heavy boned male Labrador for mating (stud). He’s 1.6 years old and his litters are one of the healthiest. Guaranteed best and healthy puppies!!!! For details please contact 9049479457. Location: Mumbai

  43. shweta Jena says:

    I have a MALE Golden Retriever 2.5Year Old. Looking for Female Golden Retriever.
    Please contact 9620434100

  44. pragya says:

    Hi, I have a 5 year old male Golden Retriever. Looking for a female Golden Retriever for mating.
    Interested candidate please contact 9601145266

  45. Jaswant says:

    Hi all….a very healthy male lab…..will mail u d pics… 2 n half yr old…. …pl msg me on 7619990222……n im a male so perverts pl excuse…… Haha

  46. Hemanth says:

    Hi all, I have a 2 year old Siberian husky (blue eyes, short coat) male with original papers. Looking for a female husky for mating.
    Please contact 9902263784
    City: Bangalore

  47. SANDEEP SHARMA says:

    Hi, I have a healthy Male German Shepard 5 year old for mating in Delhi. If anyone interested please contact.


  48. Tajinder says:

    I have a male Golden White Colour Labrador 3 years old for mating. If anybody is interested non commercially, Please contact Tajinder at 9999662493 in Delhi near Dwarka

  49. Manish says:

    Tajinder says:
    I have a female Golden White Colour Labrador 3 years old for mating. If anybody is interested non commercially, Please contact Tajinder at 9790921447 in Chennai vadapalani

  50. Yoda says:

    2 and a half years old Brindle Boxer, champion breed and registered under KCI. Looking for female Boxer for mating, preferably in Mumbai.
    Leave a Whatsapp on: 9619975512

  51. Narasimha says:


    I have male labrador Mr. Bruno available for mating. He is around 2 yrs now. Please whats app me if any female available.. Please contact on whatsapp 9137669698. marathahalli, Bengaluru 560037

  52. Shravan says:

    Hi I have golden male Labrador original breed of 1 year is very healthy and we’ll grown is ready for mating.if any female lab is there contact me 8074377042

  53. Tathagata Chatterjee says:

    Hi all….
    I have a male Rottweiler ..very energetic n healthy in every way, looking for a female mate for him ….if anyone interested or knows someone please help us to get through….
    Thanking you in advance
    Tathagata Chatterjee
    Barrackpur, Kolkata.

  54. Ajay says:

    I’m having a male healthy Labrador 8months old for mating in Mumbai (Andheri west).
    Please contact if anyone has a female Labrador.

  55. SUJOY banerjee says:

    Hi Folks,
    If you are from Bangalore then plZ contact 9742748767. I have a female double coat gsd and it’s time for mating. Today is the 3rd day and mating will be on 9th/11th and 13th day.
    Kindly let me know asap

    • Narendra Joshi says:

      My male brindle boxer,5 years,perfectly healthy,never mated is in Kandivli west,I may be contacted at 9899580043.Capt.Joshi

  56. Ananth says:

    I have male Labrador retriever for mating( 15 months old). Anyone having female labrador for mating let me know . Contact no : 9841576022

  57. Kamalan Nair says:

    I have male labrador Retriever 2 years old with KENNEL Club Certificate and Micro chip for mating, anyone having female please contact me Kamalan Nair in kerala, Pandalam/Mavelikara
    Tel 9142777555

  58. Thejas says:

    I have a 2 year old healthy male Labrador champ breed for mating in Banglore. Looking for a mate. Call /wasap 9844525866.

  59. Vikram says:

    I have a 4 year old male German sheperd double coat . Need a partner gad to mate . With certificates . From chennai . Please feel free to contact 9884467691 , 9841042451.

  60. Ritesh Khandelwal says:

    I have a cocker spaniel male,
    He’s almost 4 years old.
    Ready for breeding.
    I’m not looking for any monetary gain,
    This is purely non commercial.

    I’m located in bangalore,
    Phone – 7760689954

  61. Sukhwinder Singh says:

    I have a male Labrador (1.8 years) looking for mating for the first time. If anyone looking for mating in Delhi kindly contact @ 7503507032.

  62. Shivf says:

    I have 2year old male pitbull and he needs a female for mating in Delhi, Safdarjung enclave.
    One who can help please contact on +91 6009078178

  63. Prakruthi says:

    Male pure labrador, 2.5 yrs old. Looking for a female lab for mating, in Bangalore. If interested please contact 8217036774 or drop an SMS.

  64. Gairik dhar says:

    I have a male golden retriever of 4 years of old..searching for mate..I am from coochbehar West bengal…if anybody interested..please cntct- 9064468511

  65. Purushothaman mani says:

    Hi I have a 2 year old male Labrador for mating. Contact 9952097460 through what’s app only. In and around Kolathur, Chennai only.

  66. Purushothaman mani says:

    I have a 2 year old male Labrador for free adoption. Fawn colour. Interested person may what’s app at 9952097460. Traders excuse. Location Chennai Kolathur. 600099.

  67. Bhavesh Waghela says:

    Need a German Shepherd female for 1st mating of my German Shepard male who is 2years old from Mumbai
    Please contact 9819464892/8928540903

  68. T K Kalra says:

    I am from Noida and have a male 3 years old Labrador. Looking for mating (non-commercial purpose).
    If anyone interested, please contact 9810405112

  69. Abhishek Jha says:

    I have a male Labrador 2.5 years old ready to mate. Looking for a female Labrador for mating. I am from Mumbai if anyone is interested please WhatsApp me 8898665634

  70. Dheeraj bambroo says:

    Have a Great Dane male, 3 years 6 months old. KCI registration avl. 2Cc and 1 Best of breed winner. Available for stud in Noida, Dncr. If interested pls contact 9999101110. Dheeraj

  71. Rishi says:

    Hello ,
    I have a golden retriever ( about 2 years ) and a German Shepherd ( about 1. 6 years ) . Looking for a female GR and GSD for mating . Live in Malad , Mumbai .99670 52000

  72. Bhawani Bhateja says:

    I am a father to a 6 years young Pomeranian Dog. Looking for a female partner for him so that he can have a family of his own. (Location : Lajpat Nagar, South Delhi)
    Any leads appreciated.
    Please WhatsApp at 09911501531 (Bhawani Bhateja)

  73. Shaashwat Nim says:

    Looking for a Female GSD for mating.
    My dog’s details are as below:
    Age: 2 years 6 months
    Single Coat, Working Bloodline (parents were sniffer dogs), extremely active, athletic and well-built.
    Class 1 pedigree, registered with KCI.
    City: New Delhi
    Contact: 7290974290 / 9971645020

  74. Sona says:

    Hi I’m from hyderabad i have a 2 years old male lab light cream colour heavy bone.I’m finding a female lab for mating first time. If any one have a female lab let me know my contact number 7675896436

  75. gaurav says:

    I have golden retriever two year good health no any mating in duration time if you have female pls contact me 9555774499
    location delhi

  76. Jaideep says:

    Hi I’m from chennai i have a 1 years 6 mnths old male lab font colour heavy bone.I’m looking to find a female lab for mating first time. If any one have a female lab let me know my contact number 7799279987

  77. Jyoti Suresh Isawe says:

    I have a Male Shih tzu 3 year old, perfectly healthy and looking forward for mating.
    Any female Shih Tzu owners please do contact me on 9757355001 or WhatsApp on same number.
    I am from Malad West, Mumbai.

  78. Suchita & vishal says:

    I have a Male golden retriever 2.5 year old, perfectly healthy and looking forward for mating.
    Any female golden or labrador owners please do contact me on 9742093099 or WhatsApp on same number.
    I am from Bangalore

  79. Shailesh says:

    Hello, I am looking for a beatiful female beagle for (matting) my boy he’s 2years old and well built.

    If interested what’s app me at 9884222765

  80. Samanvith says:

    Hello! I’ve a 5½ year old male Labrador retriever in very good health and looking for mating in Bengaluru. WhatsApp me if any leads on female Labrador retrievers : +918197280760

  81. Aditya Naithani says:

    I live from Delhi I have male German Shepherd 1 year 6 months heavy bone
    I am finding a female GSD for mating.

    My contact no 9582250898, 9871033515

  82. Priya says:

    Hii i hav a male golden retriever who is 2 and a half yrs old with kennel club certificate. I am looking for a female golden retriever if available pls contact me @9500732121

  83. Vishnu says:

    I have while male Labrador dog 2.9 years. Looking for a female Labrador for mating in Hyderabad city. Please let me know if you have femal lab. Contact: 8309419452

  84. Disha says:

    I have a 22 months old beagle. Seeking a female for mating in Noida(non commercial). Please leave a message at 9999852419 if required.

  85. Shubham says:

    I have 2.5 years old shihtzu male for mating.
    Any female shihtzu available then please contact on the belpw number
    9625193511/ 8130813062

  86. Rahul says:

    I have a one and a half year old male doxle(Dachshund*beagle mix)
    Finding any suitable small breed female for him(non commercial)
    In Bengaluru
    Intrested ones pls call me on 9008279119

  87. Bhart singh says:

    I have male White Labrador 2 years old for mating, interested please WhatsApp at 7665870277.
    Residence – Bharatpur, Rajasthan

  88. Sreenath Mantha says:

    i have pure breed MALE Lab Dog , looking for female dog for crossing (Lab / pomeranian)
    Location: Banglore, Ayyappa Nagar (KR Puram / Hoodi)
    Mobile N0: 9740292886
    Please what’s App, will share my pet Photos / Videos.

  89. Aditya narwa says:

    I have golden retriever 1year 4months old and I am looking for female golden retriever in Hyderabad if please replenish my commen

  90. Ashwin says:

    Hi, I have healthy golden male cocker spaniel 8 years old looking for female cocker spaniel in Delhi. Please contact 8700695559

  91. Gaurav Gopal says:

    I have a KCI registered fawn male Labrador 3.5 years old in Mumbai. Looking for mating options for him. Please contact me at 9920112029.

  92. Sanchit says:

    I have a male Golden retriever & he is 2yrs old.
    Looking for a possible partner for him.
    Am from Delhi.
    My number would be 9212194721.
    Kindly share if possible for anyone .


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