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Orijen and Acana dog food

When it comes to premium brands of pet feed across the world, Orijen and Acana, both from Champion Petfoods deserve special mention. Now you can shop from a wide range of Orijen and Acana products at our online and offline stores in India.[Brand Authorized Retailer]

Made with human grade ingredients in Canada, Orjien food and freeze diet treats are made of farm-fresh meat delivered raw or fresh to the manufacturing facility. The result of using some of the best quality ingredients is an award-winning biologically appropriate diet.

Be it meat-based or fish based diet, they manufacture feed from fresh locally sourced ranch-grown animals, wild sustainable fish and free-run poultry or nest legged eggs.

Their product range comes in a wide variety of ingredients and flavors to choose from.

Acana, manufactured by the same company is also a premium brand with slightly lesser percentage of fresh meat than orijen. While orijen has 70-80% meat(mostly fresh), Acana contains slightly lesser meat at 45-60%. While it is believed, Orijen uses the best animal parts(marrow, cartilage, organs), Acana uses a mix of three kinds of meat.

The major difference lies in the percentage of meat, however in no way acana can be considered inferior. In fact, Acana is better than most commercial dry food available in India, just that it loses out to orijen. Then again, Acana products are cheaper compared to the hefty premium orijen demands. Orijen diet contains slightly higher percentage of protein. But, not all dogs prefer protein. Ultimately it will come down to what your dog likes or which is suitable for you budget-wise.

Be advised, both these brands Orijen and Acana are much better than some of the notably premium(read ‘over-hyped’) brands sold in India like Royal Canin or Farmina N&D.

Check out our wide-range of Orijen and Acana products below and choose at par your needs. Being a premium brand, Orijen and Acana products are sold only in pet speciality stores and we are proud to be one of them.