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Beaphar TOP10 Multi-Vitamin tablet for dogs and cats


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This supplement from beaphar is one of the most essential multi-vitamin with mineral supplement for your dog/cat.This TOP10 tablet has highly palatable vitamins along with L-cartinine for delayed aging and biotin for healthy heart.
Dosage-This can be fed as supplement with food for all age group cat/dog.
1-2 tablets /10Kg body weight/day.


1)Supports healthy development and growth of puppies/kittens otherwise suffering from lack of nutrition,good for pets with high cholesterol and high triglyride as in diabetes..
2)For maintaining good health of older dogs/cats.
3)Very tasty,hence can also be fed as snack/treat to cats and dogs alike.
4)TOP10 is beneficial for maintaining dog/cat’s coat lustre.
5)Added biotin helps to improve synthesis of non-essential and synthesis of essential fatty acids.
6)L-cartinine boosts heart health and improves energy metabolism with performance.
7)Helps reduce vitamin deficiency if any.
8)Also suitable for pregnant/lactating pets.
Whey(from milk),sucrose,dicalcium phosphate,Nacl,yeast,Vit E672(A),Vitamin B1,B2,B6,E671(D3),biotin,L-cartinine,niacin,pantothenic acid,Vit B12.
No. of tabs-60

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