Top 5 home-made dog food options(veg/non-veg)

Have you run out of dry food or just got your pup and don’t know what to feed him/her or is your dog just bored of eating the same food over and over again, needing variety? If yes,then you are at the right place. We are here to talk about a few home-cooked food options which are very much suitable for your pet and healthy as well.As a responsible dog owner, one should know that not all human food options are suitable for your dog, for example-Chocolate, lemon, grapes, raisins, onions, alcoholic beverages, tomato are poisonous to your dog even in small quantity. Many food items which the human digestive system can handle well may not be suitable for your dog like cow milk which causes frequent loose motion.
However regardless of your dog age/breed, below listed dog food recipes work wonders for any dog and they like these very much.

Non-veg food options:-

boiled chicken meal for dogs


1)Boiled chicken and rice– Dogs love this food. It isn’t even hard to cook. Buy chicken, clean well, no need to add spices/salt, add potato/carrot if available, boil in a pressure cooker, food is ready. You can even give this every day to your dog without any harm. There are some dogs who don’t like any dry food regardless of which brand you try. You can give them this food or mix dry food with plain boiled chicken. Your dog is likely to love it and if he doesn’t, chances are he has digestive problems resulting in loss of appetite. Although I have tried 4-5 brands of dry food, I give boiled food to each of my 4 dogs every day at noon and give dry food only at night. Ideally you should give full meals to your dog not more than twice a day. In case you are unable to buy dry food and want to give this as a regular diet, you can do so without any harm, just make sure to add a few supplements like beaphar salmon oil . This is because, while chicken has abundant amount of protein, it lacks omega fatty acids otherwise found in fish. For puppies without developed teeth, make sure to avoid hard bones. You can also add a variety of vegetables like broccoli, spinach, cabbage, carrots, beans, apple. Also the chicken broth you get while boiling chicken, be sure to include it in the meal.

boiled egg for dogs


2)Boiled eggs- Although every breed of dog doesn’t like eggs, they are completely beneficial for your dog and you can give him/her boiled egg . Do not give chapatis/bread/human biscuits to your dog as they are rich in gluten.

3)Peanut butter/cheese– Dogs like peanut butter. It is rich in protein, you can give it to your dog although it’s not so much popular in India. Also, make sure the brand you are using is free from hydrogenated oils, excessive salt and harmful sweeteners like xylitol. Cheese too works well as treats in small quantity. Be sure to not feed too much cow milk cheese as it may cause loose motion. Also, cheese is rich in fat and some dogs may be lactose intolerant. Curd and yogurt in small quantities are acceptable.

4)Beef balls/beef stew– They are a good source of protein and vitamins. To spice things up, you may add vegetables, eggs or rice for a fuller meal.

5)Fish-Salmon, tuna, rohu  or tilapia can also be given provided your dog likes them as some dogs hate the smell first time. Fish can be an excellent source of omega fatty acids but don’t make fish a daily meal.
Turkey is also harmless for dogs.

Veg food options:-

veg home made dog food

While I completely hate the idea that if you/your family is vegetarian, same should be done for your dog as dogs, in general, are carnivores, here are few veg food options which dogs are known to like.You can give boiled sweet potato, ghee(in limited quantity), potato, carrot, ginger. Although 90% dogs won’t like such horrendous meal with no meat at first go, you should consider yourself lucky if you dog properly eats or shows interest in a 100% veg home-coked food. If he/she doesn’t and you have no option of including non-veg food in your house, you can look for veg dry food like the one from drools.

Fruits-Although fruits won’t be able to replace the daily meal, here are few fruits that are completely harmless even beneficial for your dog. You can give your dog sugarcane, watermelon, guava, cucumber, mango, pineapple or banana. Just avoid citrus fruits like lemon, orange, and fruits that are too salty or sour. You should be in the clear. Care should be taken that you don’t give seeds of big fruits like mango although mango pulp/skin is good. Apple can be given but seeds need to be taken out as they contain traces of cyanide which is poisonous for your dog even in small quantity.
If you are aware of more food options known to be liked as well as beneficial for doggies, be sure to mention them in below comments.

65 thoughts on “Top 5 home-made dog food options(veg/non-veg)

  1. Loyal Petzone says:

    Among veg food for canines, options are less. You can try curd rice or soya rice or veg dry food.

    • Nisha Koiri says:

      Would love to know more about the veg food you feed your dog because I have a 2 month old German Shepherd and would like to know no two different vegan dog food options available

    • RKB says:

      It is cruel and inconsiderate of you. Your dog is eating veg food because it will starve in your house otherwise. It has no option. Over centuries after domistication dogs developed a tolerance for veg carbs. But that doesn’t mean they will be healthy on a veg diet. I have raised GSDs and other big dogs. Please do a thorough medical check up of your dog. Many nutrients derived from non veg diet will be missing.

    • RKB says:

      Chapati and other wheat derived carbs are bad for dogs. Rice is the only pure carb their digestive system can tolerate.

    • lakshay says:

      do not give more than 1-2 dry roti per day as it has gluten in it and can cause digestive issues and stomach pain and try mixing roti with fresh curd

    • Shalaka says:

      Dry food is store bought kibbles, wet food is food which has 30 to 70 percent water in it , as in royal cannine dry food kimbels is dry food n if u give that with chicken stock it becomes wet plus dry food mixed

    • Shalaka says:

      Celeralac 4 to 5 times a day from 40 days age start with 2 spoon that is given in the pack than at 50 days also start giving chicken stock with rice n than start giving pedigree gravy for puppy, it is essential for young dogs to eat non veg at least once a week, also give buttermilk instead of milk as milk is heavier and the dog can sometimes get an upset stomach, also mashed boiled vegetables is a good option which is boiled with chicken or fish, refrain from giving bones or cartilage, rice n chicken stock are is a good option n there are many good dog food recipes online of any kind till 3 months age or as advised by your Vet

  2. Rekha says:

    I give rice curd and chicken twice a day.. morning and evening. dhall rice and scrambled/boiled egg for lunch. My lab puppy is 4 months old and little dry food if he wants at night. Apple one slice or half banana.. and dog biscuits treats for snacks

    • Chitrakshi says:

      Keep the diet less.. labs tend to eat too much and then get overweight. You will notice extra weight in his second year. Keep the diet to three full meals a day and switch to two meals a day after 7 months of age.

  3. Aakanksh says:

    I have a Pomeranian dog 3 months old approximately when I brought him he was a minth older,
    In the beginning I used to feed him with only Puppy Mini (Royal Canin) thrice a day till one and a half months and after that he got bored and I started Mini starter but after a week he is not consuming that as well and now I fees him curd, Tofu and Chicken Salami and try really hard to mix Mini starter (Royal Canin) but he doesn’t eat that properly only he loves Tofu, Curd & Chicken Salami
    Please suggest what to do what else I should get or cook for him that would be a great help from you!!
    Thanks so much !!

    • Loyal Petzone says:

      Some dogs become bored of kibble. Many add boiled chicken pieces or curd or wet food like pedigree gravy to make it more appealing. Varies from dog to dog. You can go for 100% home-made food like chicken-rice, egg-rice etc. You can even feed only boiled chicken or mutton or beef day and night.
      Dogs hardly get bored of fresh meat.

      • Reena says:

        Am Indian where rice is the staple food.cud u plz send a diet chart for a week for my 6 months old Labrador where I can mix different varieties of food with rice for him.can rice and boiled egg be fed daily?.I often feed him curd rice

        • Loyal Petzone says:

          Yes you can feed egg-rice/ chicken-rice/ curd rice daily, preferably brown rice over white rice. However, rice should not exceed 25% of daily diet.

    • Leean says:

      The best way is feed what he likes… feeding for forcing what he doesn’t like is wrong…. You can put yourself in a same situation someone forcing you to eat what you doesn’t like.
      My 5 month Pom also doesn’t like Royal Canin…. she smell and vomit…. She like to eat chicken, mutton, egg with rice…. and some times dal..

  4. ankita says:

    i have a pug 2 and half months old. he was on a celelac at least for 2 months and suddenly he has stopped drinking celerac. i got him drools focus but he refuse to eat with celerac or water as-suggested by vets. now i am feeding him focus dry food mix with half boiled eggs (2 times) and focus dry food mix with boiled chicken (2 times) let me know if my ways of feeding are correct

    • Loyal Petzone says:

      Yes you can give dry food with boneless boiled chicken and egg. Feeding twice a day is enough after 3 months age. No need to give cerelac or raw milk. You can try curd though. If he does not like drools focus, you can try other brands.

  5. Amar r says:

    I have Rottweiler male puppy of 3month old now. Right now am giving royal canin. Best food for head and size growth?

  6. sailee says:

    i have a 8 month shih tzu and he is really fussy with food. he loves chicken but does not like rice or any other vegetable mixed with it. He like having it with wheat chapati but many vet/groomers told us its not good for him. we tried giving him royal canin but he skips lunch and has it late night for dinner not finding any other option. eggs to he has rarely. he just likes tomato and cucumber in limited quantities.
    and i dont like to give him wet pouch food as i feel fresh food is way better then packed ones.
    what can i give him?

    • Loyal Petzone says:

      You can give boiled chicken+royal canin mixed. Make sure to add some chicken stalk. No need to give rice or chappati. Shred the chicken well so it mixes with the dry food. Curd can be used in place of chicken as well.

  7. Rashi says:

    My Lhasa apso is 2 years old. He is a fussy eater. Me being a vegetarian , don’t cook chicken. But I give him jerhigh chicken gravy mixed with rice twice in a day -lunch n dinner. In the morning I give him milk n some dog biscuits.. is it right??

    • Loyal Petzone says:

      As you are unable to cook meat, you should add dry food with gravy. Gravy meals & rice don’t have much nutrition, gravy meals are only to act as treats or make dry kibble tastier.

  8. Anand says:

    I have a six month old LAB. Initially he use to eat Royal canine like any thing. Now he hardly takes it. What food should I give him.

    • Loyal Petzone says:

      Make sure you are giving him enough exercise, otherwise appetite will reduce. You can either try different brand/ mix wet food with kibble/ try homemade food like boneless chicken boiled.

  9. Paul Abraham says:

    Experts/Veterans kindly advice a great diet.
    I have a Bullykutta/Indian Mastiff 30 days old. Its from a great line. Parents are very healthy but slim. I love my Bullykutta to touch 34/35 inch at adulthood ie at 18 months and to weigh over 100 kg at that time. I need a diet chart for my puppy from 31 days to 1.5 years.
    Freely available food items are beef, eggs, bone broth, curd, milk, fish (sardine), carrot, cauliflower, potatoes etc. I am ready to follow any diet which is given by experts and veterans. My personal view is to reduce or if required eliminate carbohydrates and compensate with protien, fats, vegetables.
    Thank you in advance

    • Loyal Petzone says:

      100kg will be tough to achieve but you can get close to it. Do not concentrate on weight alone, rather it is important to develop lean muscle mass over fat. Like you said, protein over carbs. Exercise and genetics will play a bigger role than diet as long as dog is not starving. For best results, you can feed boiled meat(chicken/ mutton/ beef etc) with few veggies sometimes. No need to add rice or cereals. You may also feed starter kibble of premium brands like royal canin & above(not stuff like pedigree) mixed with boiled meat/curd for best growth. I personally prefer starter kibble of a good brand till 3-4 months age at least then incorporate home-made food.

  10. Sreejit says:

    I have labrador dog. She don’t like boli rice with chicken. Only boil chicken she like it. What I can refer only chicken. Canul u say what I do..?? And which fish good for dog indian fish??

    • LoyalPetZone says:

      You can keep giving only chicken without the rice, no issue in that. You can try most common indian fish, see if he likes.

    • LoyalPetZone says:

      Give him enough exercise, check stool quality for underlying gastro issues if any. Try changing brand or food type.

  11. SNIGDHA . says:

    I have been feeding my 2 year old Labrador boiled chicken() for the past one year. Recently I saw a blog that we should not feed cooked chicken bones to dogs as they cause some internal issues! Is that so? If Yes, What should i feed him instead? and in what quantity?

    • LoyalPetZone says:

      I haven’t heard or read about boiled chicken bone causing issues as such. What may happen is big bones may get stuck for small puppies only. I believe boiled chicken just as it is(boneless for pups) or with dry food/rice is perfectly okay.

  12. Amala Maria says:

    I have 6months old pomeranian miniature. Beginning she used to take curd rice, milk, biscuits but now she likes only boiled chicken liver and scrambled egg. Sometimes milk. She’s not eating rice if I mix with boiled chicken liver also. I tried Royal canian starter mini pack but that too she doesn’t like. Please suggest

    • LoyalPetZone says:

      You can try giving boiled chicken + dry food. Giving only boiled chicken veggy without rice is okay too. Better to avoid raw milk after puppy age.

  13. Samriti says:

    I’m having pom….. And am feeding him chapati and curd always and banana or potato in the the morning time mostly…….. Is it okay to give chapati to dogs on regular basis….. Or should I change his diet…… And also sometimes I provide curd rice

    • LoyalPetZone says:

      Yes, you can introduce boiled meat or veggies or other sources of protein for better results. Chapati is okay as long as it is not the only thing you are feeding.

  14. Ash says:

    I have a 7 month labrador.I feed him pedigree pro for breakfast, moong dal khichdi with veggies and chicken(pedigree gravy) for lunch and dinner.I feed him 2 eggs in between meals.We are vegetarian so I don’t cook chicken at home.Is it enough?

    • LoyalPetZone says:

      Yes. Still if possible, go for a better quality dry food than pedigree pro as you are not feeding home-made chicken.

  15. arvind says:

    Afeem, a Spanish Hound, prefers two full meals of dalia / rice with boneless chicken and carrot, bottle gourd and cauliflower, one at 7 am and other at 7 pm and nothing else in between…other than an occasional spoonful of Curd or Royal Canin

  16. LoyalPetZone says:

    This mostly happens when dogs/pups lose interest in food be it dry food or home-made food over time. Food becomes no longer a necessity/item of interest for pet dogs/cats. Hence this lethargy towards eating becomes obvious. Adopted dogs when they come to us, first few weeks they eat vigorously, give them 6 months of intense care and they don’t like to eat at all. Try to keep your dog more active using exercises and sprinting so appetite grows. Do timely deworming. High energy dogs like gsd won’t eat anything if they are indoors/laying down throughout the day. At times when they will not eat, do not fret over it. As long as she is eating once in 2 days and has no signs of digestive issues, it is okay. Boiled chicken/wet gravy food + dry food should appeal to most dogs.

  17. Dr Priti Karnavar says:

    Hi I hv 2 months old beagle puppy he refuses to eat wet royal cannin mini starter. Can I gv him dry. Can we give him fresh home cooked food veg/ nonveg

  18. Shubham says:

    I have a labra he is 5 months old ,he used to drink curd evry morning properly but slowly he stopped drinking it n he loves boiled chicken with rice but if I feed him paneer or anything els with rice n curd then he doesn’t eat it properly n he likes Maggie just boiled Maggie ,in morning he NVR drinks his curd wt should I do

    • LoyalPetZone says:

      If he loves boiled chicken rice, you can give it daily. No need to give curd or paneer. Not sure if maggi will be healthy for him, without tastemaker it can be given though.

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