Royal Canin vs Farmina N&D – Which food is the best for your dog

royal canin vs farmina dog food

Royal Canin and Farmina N&D are two of the most common yet premium dog food options available in India. Most dog owners wonder which one to choose for their puppy since they keep hearing good things about both these companies.

Having talked to countless pet owners, veterinarians and our own experience as dog owners for years, we are here to finally make the pick for the best spot. We will take into account numerous factors while deciding which dry food is better overall.

Value for Money- When it comes to price, Royal Canin is significantly cheaper than farmina N&D. Even the low grain variant of Farmina is pricier compared to rc. For a price sensitive dog owner, we believe Royal Canin will fetch more value for every rupee spent.

Food Quality- Quality comes at a price and that is true for Farmina as well. This may come as a shock to many, but Farmina is miles ahead of Royal Canin in terms of food and ingredients quality. Does that mean Royal Canin is bad quality? No, just that Farmina uses much better ingredients in their food almost justifying the premium they demand. Also, a major portion of Royal Canin diet is grains mostly rice. In contrast, there are 100% grain-free variants of Farmina where the quanity of meat and meat derivatives along with plant and vegetable protein is more. Obviously, Royal Canin has considerably more fillers than farmina.

Farmina uses mostly meat. However, Royal Canin contains meat derivatives as well. Derivatives mean those organs like intentines which are not actual meat and should be preferably discarded. Farmina specifically mentions that they don’t use meat derivatives like feathers, beaks, bones etc in their premium range,but we are not so sure about Royal Canin. Overall protein percentage is also higher in Farmina as a result.

Not just on paper, our experience suggests farmina can give much better results in terms of growth and energy level than Royal Canin although at a steep price. If price is not an issue, Farmina wins hands down in terms of overall food quality. For the variants with low grains, farmina uses oats,spelts (wheat) in place of rice and corn for better digestion.

Packaging quality- Packaging of Royal Canin is quite inferior compared to Farmina. Worms in sealed packets can be common in Royal Canin packets at times. We don’t know if some of them happen due to a manufacturing defect or inadequate pest control and storage by their distributors, till date we never found worms or decayed food for farmina. Which such defects for Royal Canin are rare(1 in 50), still they happen at times.
So, we are glad to announce that Farmina is the winner in terms of food quality and packaging keeping in mind that we considered onlygrain-free and low grain variants in our comparison(Not Farmina Cibau).

For a price sensitive customer, Royal Canin is not bad either and is still the most popular option among dog owners. Both these foods are equally liked by dogs and puppies alike. Both of them are certified and approved by AAFCO. Undoubtedly, they are much better than many of the popular dog food brands like Pedigree and Drools(yes, drools focus as well).

Have you used any of these dry food brands and noticed different results? Let us know in the comments below.

77 thoughts on “Royal Canin vs Farmina N&D – Which food is the best for your dog

  1. Murati Biswas says:

    My gsd puppy age 45 days.
    Which is best for her grothing.
    1. Royal Canin. Or
    2. Farmina n&d. Please

  2. Nova says:

    My Husky is now 14 week old , if I choose Farmina what is the quantity I need to feed her everyday . Is there any other particular brand food for husky ?

    • Shekhar C Bhurke says:

      I have 7 Golden Retrievers, (1 adult 6 semi adult, 2 puppies of 90 days) 3 Caravan hounds, 3 Huskies which dog food better in quality, economically cheaper.

    • Loyal Petzone says:

      Farmina N&D low grain chicken pomegranate maxi/medium puppy or grain free lamb blueberry maxi medium puppy will be suitable.

  3. Lawrence Pyser says:

    All in All it seems that the Farmina Formula is superior for those that are absolutely looking for the most premium in dog food.
    The only problem found is the product packaging……bags are not resealable and require another means of maintaining an air tight environment.

  4. Lalit says:

    Could you recommend best food out of rc / n&d? Currently he is 2.5 months and on rc maxi starter. Wanted to bring him to orijen / acana but he is picky eater and not ready for it. Hence want to provide the best so pls suggest which variant to go for ? Im thinking of to begin with n&d puppy starter ? Rc contains grains so guess he should accept n&d puppy starter? Pls advise

    • Loyal Petzone says:

      Farmina is better than rc. But orijen and acana are even better. Try mixing few chicken pieces or curd with the dry food in first few times. See if he eats. If he likes grains, farmina puppy starter is low grain.

  5. Sachin says:

    Sir, Can you elaborate is fermina is having any Patent in dog food ” ? As per my Knowledge Royal Canin having his own research industry with 3 Patent In dog food. And fermina is always advisable with Any Gut feed medicine that may Increases Cost.

  6. Akram says:

    i guess india and pakistan have more common problems then i previously imagined. I was also facing the same dilemma, whether to go for a royal canine or farmina for my bull mastiff pupps. Thats when i googled it and found your blog. i guess i ll go with farmina due to the extra nutrition it shall provide. Any idea which one i should go for whether a grain free one or one with low grains.. i was thinking of going for the grain free since bull mastiffs are know to have gestation issues. looking forward to your feedback.

    • Loyal Petzone says:

      Grain-free like farmina and less grains like rc both are okay. Problem is without those containing 80% fillers or grains.

  7. Akram says:

    Please also note that Royal Canine offers a giant specific breed food whereas farmina only offers for adult maxi dogs

  8. Amit Sharma says:

    Tail size may vary depending on the lines and also may differ from one individual specimen to another. From what you have stated there is every reason to believe that you have a great dog and pls remember that it’s the bonding and love that matters more than anything else.

  9. Kirtimaan says:

    Hey I am feeding n&d farmina no grain pumpkin formula to my pregnant dog is it safe as this just come as adult food or should I go for rc starter ?
    Pls leave your valuable advise.

    • Loyal Petzone says:

      Starter food can help in improving lactation support. Before the puppies come, you can feed adult food. Farmina puppy starter will be a good option for rc maxi starter.

  10. Mandeep walia says:

    Sir the quality of royal canin starter puppy is very poor what is made in South Africa now .what will the good food for mini starter puppy food that available in India.? I breeds toy Pomeranian.

    • Loyal Petzone says:

      Till 3 months age you can give farmina nd low grain puppy starter regarless of dog breed. After 3 months, you can give low grain chicken pomegranate puppy or grain free lamb blueberry puppy both medium maxi.

  11. Mounika says:

    Hi sir…my golden retriever puppy is 8 weeks old…which food is the best option ??? Acana or farmina n & d or royal canin… and also plz share how to switch over other foods while its turning into an adult one…hope u reply as soon as possible…thank you sir…have a good day!!!

    • Loyal Petzone says:

      Acana and farmina are significantly premium than royal canin. All of them are good options. It will depend on your budget. Currently you should go for starter food of any brand till 12 weeks age at least, then switch to junior/ puppy.

  12. Gurjinder singh says:

    Sir my dog is 4.5month old In the past I was giving royal canin starter but from last 1 month I am giving him fermina.But the problem is that he is only eating fermina once a day in the morning.Rest 2 times he eats bread or curd.I am very tensed about his height and growth. kindly help

    • Loyal Petzone says:

      If he likes farmina, it’s good. No need to go back to royal canin. Monitor his weight every week, growth depends a lot on genetics.

    • Loyal Petzone says:

      Around 150g in each meal twice a day. Rule of thumb is to see how much puppy can eat in 1 go (within 30mins), give that amount twice a day.

  13. Puja says:

    My puppy used to have royal canin before , I purchased farmina n&d ( chicken and lamb both). But he is refusing to have because it’s not as much soft as royal canin. What should I do to make it soft?

    • Loyal Petzone says:

      You can mix lukewarm water or gravy food and let the kibble soak for a few minutes.

  14. Poornima Ramesh says:

    My shihtzu puppy is 55 days old and i started giving him Farmina N&D pup starter but what is the quantity am supposed to give…am giving only one spoon full at a time is it sufficient for him ??

    • Dr Shori says:

      Hi we have a Labrador puppy he is 2.5 months old I am feeding it farmina puppy starter 230 gms of dry feed mixed with Luke warm water in the whole day divided in 4 intervals
      His current weight is 10.5 kg
      But I want to make him little more plum and heavy
      Please any suggestions

      • LoyalPetZone says:

        Puppy seems healthy, you are feeding good, weight and size will depend more on genetics than feeding quantity. If want to give more food, give so in form of wet food/ treats/home-made food.

  15. Amy says:

    I have a 4 month old boxer and a 6 and 9 month old Shih-Poo’s. I am currently feeding them all N&D ancestral Grain puppy mini. Is that ok for my boxer? If I switch to the puppy medium maxi, will that be ok for my Shih-Poo’s? I only want to buy one kind.

    • Loyal Petzone says:

      You should continue with mini. Large dogs can eat small kibble easily but small dogs will have difficulty with large kibble.

  16. Jaydeep Shah says:

    Which Farmina would be better for my two golden retrievers aged 5 years and 1.5 years respectively?

    • LoyalPetZone says:

      They belong to the same premium category. Which is better will depend on dog. Personally i will prefer Farmina n&d.

  17. Denny Kumar Patra says:

    Hello sir, I have a French mastiff bitch of 11 months old, she is not putting up weight…what do you suggest to feed her…

  18. Apurva Yadav says:

    Hey sir please help.
    My Labrador is 7 years old and overweight by 6-7kgs. He holds 43kgs now.
    Ive put him on satiety but no significant result is shown plus he has arthritis which pains him once in 3-4 months.
    Should I switch to Farmina for better results?

    • LoyalPetZone says:

      Try royal canin weight control instead of satiety. Make sure to give him mild exercise. Yes, you can try farmina vetlife obesity if you want.

  19. Disha shimpi says:

    Does after eating farmina dogs get allergy like blad spots? Becoz my pup is getting allergy and I think it’s because of farmina food!

  20. Pruthvi Cholleti says:

    Hi I have St Bernard, its 6 months old. Till now it has been on royal canin and suddenly its not eating as in the past. Can i shift to N & D. If i can shift, Can you help with the variant as we have N & D – Pumkin/Ocean/Ancestral Series

    • LoyalPetZone says:

      Make sure puppy gets enough exercise for growing appetite. You can try farmina n&d grain free medium maxi puppy chicken/lamb.

  21. Kat says:

    I love the Farmina brand, but my dog is not crazy about eating it. Sometimes she goes for the Purina One brand my roommates dog likes – but she doesn’t eat a whole lot and is kinda skinny (weights 65lbs, roughly) and is an 18 month old GSD. I don’t want her to overeat, but is this just because Farmina is more filling that it doesn’t seen like shes eating a lot? I give her ~ 4cups a day, and she doesn’t usually eat all of it. ShouldI try the smaller bread kibble?

    • LoyalPetZone says:

      Something is killing her appetite, could be lazyness/no exercise/digestive issues. Both farmina and purina are nutrient dense – no need to feed a lot for these brands, still 4 cups a day she should eat minimum. Try changing brand or mix chicken stalk/curd/gravy food with kibble to make it more attractive.

  22. Reni says:

    Hello I have a 2months shih tzu and I was feeding him predigree with cerelac but now I have a confusion whether to go for RC or N&D
    Can you please kindly suggest me

    • LoyalPetZone says:

      You can go for either one, will depend which puppy likes more. Try farmina mini puppy first.

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