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Royal Canin Kitten Instinctive Wet cat food(12*85g pouch)


Wet(thin slices in gravy) ideal for kittens.

Comes in 12 pouches of 85g each.

Current stock(fresh)- Best before 06/2019.

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Royal canin kitten instinctive(1.02 kg) comes in the form of pouches which contain wet cat food. This is ideal for the macro-nutrient profile suited for second age kittens( 2nd growth period). This is also suitable for the gestating mother cat. The delicious gravy will surely be liked by your cat and the thin slices in the gravy are very easy to chew and digest.


1)Wet(thin slices in gravy) ready to serve.

2)Easy to chew and digest. Better feline health nutrition.

3)Promotes immunity and improves natural defenses(Contains Vit E,C , taurine and lutein).

Ingredients:meat and animal derivatives, vegetable protein extracts, minerals, milk and milk derivatives, derivatives of vegetable origin, oils and fats, yeasts, various sugars.

Size:12 pouches containing gravy cat food of 85g each. Total Weight=1.02Kg.

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Weight 1.5 kg


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