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Beginner’s guide to choosing the best food for your dog-

Selection according to breed: Before choosing your dog food, it is very vital to identify your dog breed category according to your dog size.Royal Canin’s entire catalog is distinguished by 4 breeds on the basis of dog size.This is the first and most important factor while choosing appropriate dog food.

1)Maxi-This is the most common breed of dogs which includes labradors, golden retrievers, german shepherds and other dogs of similar size.If your dog belongs to this group, you should choose a food for “maxi” breed from our drop-down menu.

2)Mini-This comprises mainly small dogs of the likes of pugs,Maltese, chihuahua etc and categorized in our menu under “mini” head.

3)Giant-The name itself suggests what size dogs they represent namely st.bernards,rottweilers,great danes etc.You can safely proceed with Giant food from royal canin in this case.

4)Medium-This category of food is best-suited for medium size dogs like pitbull terrier,spanies,collie etc.

P.S-Size of dog here doesn’t refer to your dog’s present size, rather the size category adult dogs of that breed fall under.

Once you have identified the breed, your task of finding the best food is half-done.

Now you will have to choose appropriate dog age to find which variant to choose.

Age factor is divided by 3 categories:

Selection according to age-

1)Starter-Dog age 0-2months.This food is generally used while transition from milk.This same food is given to the pups and their lactating mother.

2)Junior-As the name suggests,dogs of age 3-15 months should go for junior variant.

3)Adult-Any dog above 15 months old can safely proceed with adult variants from royal canin.

To be more clear, let us say for example your dog is a lab age 6 months.

In that case,the perfect food will be Maxi Junior(Maxi-selected by size factor,junior-age factor)

Or suppose,you have a 2yr old pug,then Mini Adult variant will satisfy your need.

In this way, you can quickly find the appropriate food for your dog.The variants are available in various sizes ranging from 1-15Kgs.You can choose your desired size according to your budget and requirements.

However, there is another category of special foods based on breed type.

These variants exist for only the popular breeds.Royal canin provides few breed special foods namely Labrador Junior/Adult, German shepherd Junior/Adult, Golden retriever junior/adult, rottweiler junior/adult, pug junior/adult etc.Starter variants are not provided by royal canin for breed specialized foods.These come only in junior and adult variants.You can find these in the “Breed Special” section of our catalog.

Now,one question may arise in your mind that suppose, your dog is a lab 4 months,should you give him Maxi Junior or Labrador junior dog food?

Well, the answer is you can give both.They both are good and suited for your dog.However, my personal experience suggests that it’s best to alternate the variants every 2 months.i.e-1-2 months maxi junior, next 1-2 months – lab junior in case of lab /respective breed special food in case of any other dog.For my own pups too, I follow this strategy for optimum nutrition. It’s better to not mix both variants at the same time else, your dog may get confused about the taste.Rotating also helps in maintaining appetite of your dog to full extent.

There is a rumor among some dog lovers that breed special foods increase your dog’s growth rate but lessen the total time they will grow.i.e-they claim that your dog will stop growing at an earlier age if you use breed special food.

Well, like I said, this is totally untrue and based on false assumption.Both generalized and specialized variants can be used and nothing of this sort happens.Your dog will grow to his/her full extent using both the food types.

This should serve all your difficulties regarding food selection.

These food variants above provide the main-course meal for your dog.Ideally, you should feed you dog twice a day, however, starter baby dogs or highly energetic and active dog might need small feedings at frequent intervals

For weaning puppies whose age are in days, you can choose royal canin babydog milk food/beaphar lactol milk powderas well.

We also have our collection of choostix dog treats which you can use to treat/reward your dog time to time.These treats are not just tasty but also help maintain dental hygiene.

Lastly,if your dogs suffer from any disease like obesity/high cholesterol/arthritis,you can choose from royal canin veterinary-diet foods/hill’s prescription dog food which are also available in our store.However,before choosing v-diet food,consultation with your vet is recommended.

In case due to price constraints, you are unable to choose an expensive food like royal canin or farmina, you can opt for economical food like drools or even home-made food like chicken and rice. If you are giving home-made food,be sure to incorporate at least one supplement with your dog diet like Beaphar bone builder supplement or Beaphar Salmon oil which can be readily mixed with the food for enhanced nutrition. Although these supplements can be pricey, there are worth the money spent and also last for quite some time, unlike dry food.

If you need any other help regarding your pet dog/cat, their behaviors or food habits or if you require food suggestions, you can get info from our experts by posting here in the comment section below.Resolution within 6 hrs is guaranteed.For urgent resolution, feel free to call/text us at +91-9748412071 or use our Chat option at the right-hand corner of our homepage where we typically reply instantly.

Thank You, Happy buying.