Complete diet plan for pug puppies and dogs in India

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Pugs are undoubtedly the most popular small dog breed in India and a lot of pug owners have been asking us what to feed their pug and how much. While food portion quantity matters less for other dogs who know how much to eat, pugs can be endless eaters. Unless you give specific amounts, chances are your pug will grow obese very soon. While a fat pug is still cute, obesity has detrimental effects on pug’s lifespan, mobility and can lead to skin problems and hip bending. Care should be taken to stick to recommended portions of meal suggested and not exceed even if your dog is urging for more feed.

Pug puppy (0-3 months): It’s unlikely your breeder will allow you to take the puppy home till 45 days age while the puppy must be kept with mother. If you have got an adopted one whose age is below 45 days and has no living mother, you can feed the puppy milk replacers like Beaphar lactol, choostix petasure or royal canin babydog milk. Cow milk cerelac is not recommended. Not only human cerelac causes loose motion, it may result in stunted growth as well. Mother’s milk, if available is still the best option at this age.

After 45 days age, you can go for starter dry food of any brand like drools starter, royal canin mini starter, farmina puppy starter or a brand you like. Starter dry food can be fed to both mother and puppy till 3 months age. If starter kibble is too hard for your puppy to chew, you can add water in it, blend in a grinder and make a mixture that can be fed by feeding bottle. You can feed a pug puppy up to 125g of feed combined at this age. Home-made food can be fed as well. If you are feeding cooked meat, remove bones. Pugs like to eat and if puppy shows signs that he/ she is full, don’t force it.

Pug puppy (3-12 months):This is the ideal growing stage of the puppy. Your puppy will gain the maximum in mass, length and height at this age span. You can feed junior dry food at this age of your choice brand or home-made food like chicken rice or curd rice.
Feed the puppy not more than 3 times a day even if puppy acts like he.he is hungry, You can give up to 175g a day divided into separate meals. Make sure food is rich in protein quantity.
Ideal choices can be home-made boneless chicken rice, Royal Canin mini junior, farmina low grain puppy, acana small breed puppy, Hill’s science plan small and toy breed puppy etc.Water should be kept available at all times while feeding dry food. Puppy weight needs to be monitored every month.

Pug adult (12 months+): Your pup has become an adult now. Go safely for any kibble your puppy likes, brand should depend on budget. Some good choices are royal canin pug adult, farmina chicken pomegranate mini adult, orijen original, acana small breed adult etc.

Pugs live longer(12-15 years) than most dogs like labs. A healthy diet at adult age is important to maintain immune functions and prolong life-span to the maximum extent.

It’s unlikely your pug will grow in length and breadth at this age but food quantity need to be monitored to prevent obesity. Feed no more than 200g a day divided into two meals. Pugs will keep eating even if you give 500g, but that’s unhealthy. Quantity should be monitored closely depending on body weight.
If fed home-made food, amount should be almost same a dry food, a home-made meal like chicken-veggie can be as nutritious as dry food if not more.
A pug can also start eating the left-over food of other dogs if you have multiple dogs in the household, which should be avoided.Pug puppy diet chartMost reputable brands have different calorie concentration in their diet. So, recommended portions can differ to some extent across brands, you can also look at feeding instructions on packaging of food product for required amount or take advice from a practicing veterinarian. Portions should be increased or decreased based on puppy’s metabolism and a close watch should be kept on puppy weight.

Whenever you are eating, pugs may act like they are hungrier now than ever and want some. Keep them away from human feed at all times. Don’t let family members give pugs even a tiny share of their food as the cumulative effect can be huge. Also, keep yourself and those around your pug informed about things which can be poisonous and unhealthy for most dogs like chocolate or citrus fruits like orange and never feed your pug these.

Help, my pug is fat and wants to eat all the time?
You are not alone. Most pugs become obese even if owner tried to restrict food quantity. If your pug is fat, you need to go for less fat rich and more protein rich food. Stop giving starch-rich food like human biscuits.

Keep your pug as active as possible. While pugs are not suitable for rigorous exercise, regular walking or mild sprinting can increase muscle mass and reduce obesity.

Example: if you are feeding chicken rice, remove the rice and give only chicken.
If you are feeding a regular dry food like Royal canin pug adult, opt for veterinary obesity food like royal canin satiety, drools vet pro obesity or acana light and fit. Protein-rich diet will help make your pug feel fuller with small quantities of feed. It is recommended to consult a practicing veterinarian in case your puppy is growing excessively obese for a better customized diet.
Are you following any other diet for your pug and getting exceptional results? Do let us know in the comments below.

47 thoughts on “Complete diet plan for pug puppies and dogs in India

  1. Simmani says:

    Kindly suggest my pug is 6yrs old .he is obese now.i ve change his diet to drools vet pro obesity diet from chapati and curd. But he cries alot for the same.kindly suggest what to give him n in what quantity and how many meals?

    • Loyal Petzone says:

      You can give him dry food mixed with curd. I am sure he likes the curd, not the chappati. If he doesn’t like drools, you can try royal canin satiety weight management, acana light and fit or obesity variants of other brands. Pugs like to eat, hence it’s very easy for them to grow obese. Curd won’t cause harm as it is rich in protein. Moderate amount of unflavored curd can be mixed with dry kibble any time.

    • Rishika Agrawal says:

      Have some mercy on the baby.. 1 km is even more than enuff… dude take it easy. Feed less.. rather than walking him more.

  2. Ankit says:

    Hii.. My puppy is 3 months old…..he doesn’t want to eat chicken rice for last few days. ….. What should i give to her?

  3. Deepa Rawat says:

    Hi, I have a Indian puppy, of around 45 days, can i give him milk in water with glucose biscuits, and if he is doing loose stool, can i give him mashed banana

    • Loyal Petzone says:

      Cow milk may cause loose motion in dogs. Look for puppy milk replacer or wheat milk.

    • Jas says:

      Banana is only a treat and only 1/4 of whole banana can be given to pugs… plus glucose biscuits have sugar in them. Don’t give them those. And my pug lactose intolerant(as most dogs are). So don’t give him milk

  4. Ashutosh kumar says:

    My 2 month old puppy were eating royal canin mini starter very happily but suddenly from last 3-4 days they are not eating royal canin. May be they got bored.
    Can you please suggest me something else like home food or dog food ?

    • Loyal Petzone says:

      Can be an intestinal disorder. You can try boiled boneless chicken+dry food or chicken rice. To increase appetite you can use apetivet or herbatek pet or liv52 drops.

  5. piyansh says:

    hey i have pug which is 18 months now and is 15 kg. can we keep it on roti(made of wheat) and sticks/treats only? also how much should we feed him

    • Loyal Petzone says:

      15kg pug at 18 months means he is slightly over-weight. Cut down on the quantities overall but give more protein. You can feed chicken rice or chicken roti or curd roti or dry food or dry food+chicken or dry food+wet food or chicken-veggies mix. Only roti and treats won’t be much nutritious.

    • Loyal Petzone says:

      There can be many reasons of anaemia, severe cases may require blood transfusion. Cause of anaemia needs to be determined first. If it is not too serious, you can use otc meds like thrombeat syrup or thrombofit syrup all of which contain iron and vitamins to boost haemoglobin count up. If it is caused by something else like parasites or tumor, the cause needs to be eliminated.

  6. linky dahiya says:

    I have an adopted pug who is 35 days old. Suddenly he has stopped eating cerelac. What can I serve him

    • Loyal Petzone says:

      Feed him puppy milk replacer by feeding bottle. I don’t see why he won’t eat – rather drink when feeding bottle is put into the mouth and gently squeezed.

    • Loyal Petzone says:

      You can use medicated shampoo like petben or ketochlor which acts on a wide range of skin infections. Proper remedy is hard to tell without seeing.

  7. Komal says:

    I bought a pug last year in September. In the passport her date of births says 3 feb 2018. So she will turn 2 year this year. When we bought her we saw she had lots of boils and scabs on her body. We took her to the vet and we shaved her fur and put the medication to cure her. We have been feeding her Royal Canine hypoallergenic dry food. We want start by giving her boiled chicken or scrambles egg whites as last when we checked her weight and they said that she was 5.5 pounds. Since this our first dog we are not sure on to start or no. When we asked the vet he says to just stick to the Royal canine hypoallergenic food. But we have noticed that she has now began to dislike or bored with this food. Please let me know what to do.

    • LoyalPetZone says:

      You are try giving her boiled boneless chicken mixed with the dry food or boiled boneless chicken alone at times. Egg white and chicken boiled should not cause allergy.

  8. Sanskriti says:

    Hii my pug is 15 months old and he only eats egg and chapati and now he doesn’t eat that also what should I do

    • LoyalPetZone says:

      Try giving him boiled chicken/dry food. You can also try appetite stimulants like apetivet, petsapp or herbatake pet and get him little exercise. Pugs love to eat, pug not eating which is rare can be a sign of gastro problem as well.

  9. Meenu Akhil says:

    My pug is 4 years old now.she always has skin problems n rashes all over her is saying she has protein we r not giving her chicken.everyday rashes are beginning to appear on different parts of body.i don’t know what to feed in this situation.i have tried a lot of medicines .but no any change.please help me..please leave a reply for these problems

  10. Bruno says:

    I hav 8months old pug, he was fine all these days suddenly v noticed some changes in hv Behavior like shaking his head often,scratches he ears,licking hz paws, also less appetite, so took him to vet. It was diagnosed sort of dermatitis, fungal infection in ears. He is allergic to milk and milk products nd so he got thz itsms. Now he z on medication. Problem z he used to eat nicely chicken rice, dhal rice curd rice milk rice , Royal Canin,scrambled egg ,alternately with fruits and treats in between,now I don’t know what to give for him. Doctor told not to g. carrots,milk products,so giving only Royal Canin,which he z getting bored. Since thz z our first dog I hv no idea, plse do suggest me what can I gv for my pug.

    • LoyalPetZone says:

      If he is allergic to milk products, you can try giving boiled chicken/egg along with hypoallergenic dry food.

  11. Mani Prasad Pathuri says:

    I was adopted 60 days pug male puppy his so active I am giving pedigree pro starter with curd and lukewarm water..but daily 8 times his got a motions..can u suggest anything..?

    • LoyalPetZone says:

      Omit the curd/ any other form of diary for testing and try giving dry food/ boiled chicken rice and gutwell powder. If diarrhea continues for more than 2-3 days and puppy becomes weaker, you should go to vet. Vet should prescribe antibiotics or anti-diarrhoeals based on severity. Keep fresh water available at all times so puppy is not dehydrated.

  12. Isha Sharma says:

    My black pug is 15 months old and he is very choosy in food,sometimes he does not eat for 2-2 days,he sometimes eat boil potato from home,I feed him pedigree and other nutrition food alternatively,so please suggest me what should I give him

    • LoyalPetZone says:

      Boiled boneless chicken, good brand dry food, egg rice, chicken veggie mix. Only boiled potato or pedigree is not good enough. Pugs generally love to eat, it’s very rare they will reject food even when full. Make sure his digestive health is good by watching stool quality and other symptoms.

  13. Kavyajayakumar says:

    My pug 8 month old he has breathing problem I told to Dr but he said nothing is it but our family members are afraid what can I do..?

    • LoyalPetZone says:

      No. To make them look cute, they were bred that way. All pugs suffer from breathing difficulties more or less. Obesity, pneumonia, excessive heat or allergies usually worsen breathing difficulties.

  14. Riya Singh says:

    Hi, my pug is almost 10 weeks old and weighs 1.15kgs. I have been advised to only keep him on royal canin mini puppy+ serelac. Is my pug underweight? Also, when can I start him on home-cooked food and what should be given?

    • LoyalPetZone says:

      Yes underweight. However pugs mostly gain weight as they age. You can give homemade food like boneless boiled chicken rice if you want.

  15. Babu says:

    Hello all, My pug is 4 months old and he used to have royal canine mini, also eggs curd rice etc. Suddenly he stopped eating and always sniffs ans licks the food for some time. Looks like he always waits for something else. Used gastric medicines and appetizer but end result is same. Doctors said he fine bcz his temperature is normal and normal activity. What should i do, tried everything, dnt know what to do.

  16. Aditi says:

    I hv 45 days pug puppy earlier i was giving him ceralac but now i hv to chnge the food so what i shoud give him???

  17. Nivedita Haldankar says:

    My 9 year old pug is allergic to chicken mutton and eggs. I had to stop royal canine and Farmina. What should i feed him ?

  18. LoyalPetZone says:

    Pugs mostly don’t reject food. Make sure is not having digestive trouble. Give him some exercise and appetite stimulants like petsapp. Try boiled homemade chicken rice -see if he likes that.

  19. LoyalPetZone says:

    Stick to royal canin, chicken boiled, eggs in that case. Only veggies dog may not like, give it with chicken. No point giving raw milk to an adult dog. You can give some coconut unless it causes bloating.

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