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Hills’s Prescription Diet Hepatic health l/d Canine liver disease 2Kg dog food



This food from Hill’s has been tailor-made for dogs suffering from liver insufficiency. Symptoms of hepatic disease includes weight loss,vomiting,diarrhea,lethargy,depression,anorexia which are caused due to liver malfunction.This food is best for those dogs with hepatobiliary disease and other liver disorders.
1)High digestibility and reduced protein to minimize pressure on malfunctioning liver.
2)Increased level of zinc and vitamin K.
3)Increased levels of potassium,reduced level of copper alleviates hpokalaemia which triggers CNS signs.
4)Contains L-cartinine,branded chain amino acids and balanced aromatic amino acids to reduce liver workload.
Size of packet-2 Kg

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Weight 2 kg


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