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Hill’s Prescription Diet r/d Weight-loss Low Calorie Canine 1.5Kg dog food


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This food has been specially formulated with low calorie and fat especially for overweight/obese dogs.This hill’s food provides therapeutic nutrition for canines.
1)Clinically Advanced formula which reduces body fat by minimum 25% in just 3months.
2)High total dietary fibre help pets feel fuller and less hungry.
3)Contains carnitine that helps convery fat to energy and develop lean muscle mass.
4)Contains lysine to aid weight loss.
5)Regulated amount of magnesium and phosphorus helps prevent acidic urine,Struvite urolithiasis,diabetes mellitus.
6)Overweight dogs have higher chances of diabetes,joint weakening,osteoarthritis and cardiovascular diseases and this food is a must for them.
Dosage-Same as that of normal dry food in quantity/meal.

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Weight 1.5 kg


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