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Royal Canin Medium Adult Wet Pouch(10*140g)

royal canin medium adult gravy pouches

These gravy pouches with chicken chunks are suitable for medium breed adult dogs like beagle, boxer, bulldog, husky, dalmatian, mongrels etc. It contains the same nutritional benefits of Royal Canin dry kibble but tastes a lot better. Can be given as a snack or treat. Can be added to dry kibble as well. Quantity: 140g* […]

Royal Canin Medium Starter 4Kg dog food

royal canin medium starter

Description: This is the ideal complete diet from royal canin for medium breed weaning puppies of beagle,cocker spaniel,boxer,bulldog,pitbull and the likes.This food has been specially developed to meet the high energy requirements of a medium breed dogs who are known for their activeness. Irrespective of whether your dog spends most time indoors or hunting outdoors,this […]

Royal Canin Medium Adult 4Kg/15Kg dog food

royal canin medium adult new

Description:This is the best tailor-made food for medium breed dogs like cocker spaniel,bulldog,beagle etc.Medium breed dogs are renowned as historically working dogs.Be it indoors or outdoors playing,this food from royal canin fulfils all the nutritional and energy requirements of your dog.This food has an exclusive kibble specially designed as per the jaw of medium breed dogs […]

Royal Canin Medium Junior 4Kg/15Kg dog food

royal canin medium junior new

Description: If you are searching food for your medium sized puppy like beagle,cocker spaniel or bulldog,then look no further.Royal Canin brings special Medium formulas to help these dogs maintain natural defences throughout their life, while providing the balanced energy the medium dog needs to maintain a healthy weight. Medium Juniort is for medium breed dogs from 3-15 months […]

Royal Canin Maxi Adult 4kg/15Kg dog food

Royal Canin Maxi Adult dog food

Description:If you have dogs of maxi breed like labrador,golden retriever,Akita Inu, Boxer, Doberman, Greyhounds, Retrievers, Setters, Sheepdogs, Weimaraners among others,then this is the best complete balanced diet for your dog. Complete feed for adult large breed dogs (from 26 to 44 kg) Dog age-Over 15 months. Large dog breeds, by their very definition need nutrition […]

Royal Canin Maxi Junior 4kg dog food

royal canin maxi junior 15 kg

Fresh stock,New 2020 MRP.

Although a little on the expensive side,Royal Canin Maxi Junior is the best food money can buy for labs,golden retrievers,german shepherds and other maxi dog breeds(medium size dogs).Also since dog growth mainly occurs in this stage of their life(3-15months),giving them the most ideal food in this age is of paramount importance.Our food products come with Recent manufacture date ensuring freshness.