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In this catalogue, we have accumulated some of the best dewormers available for dogs & cats in India.

These dewormers kill and expel intestinal worms common in dogs & puppies like round worms, whip worms, tape worms etc.

Worms can have severe effect on dog health. Presence of these worms in dog’s stomach and intestine can cause various problems like stunted growth, lack of appetite, blood/worms in stool etc. Hence, timely deworming every 1-3 months and deworming before vaccination is recommended.

Puppy dewormers(comes in liquid form) as well as deworming tabs for adult dogs are included. Cat and kitten dewormers are also available here.

Among canine dewormers, bayer drontal puppy and drontal plus for adult dogs are our personal favourite. For cats and kittens, savavet kiwof cat is best. Several other well-known brands are also available for look to choose from.