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Biogroom Wiry Coat Texturizing Dog Shampoo 355ml

biogroom wiry coat texturizing shampoo

This shampoo from Biogroom(USA) is suited for wiry terrier type coats of dogs. It adds the required bulk to the coat and makes it look fuller. Wiry coats require some degree of coarseness and this shampoo effectively nourishes dog coats. Features: 1)Texturizes, cleans, deodourizes and adds body to the dog’s coat. 2)GMO free, soap free, […]

Biogroom Waterless Bath No Rinse Dog/Cat shampoo

Among all dry shampoos available in India, this is one is undoubtedly the most premium both quality and price wise. Dry shampoos are generally volatile and they evaporate soon. It is devoid of soap and uses natural cleansing agents. Hence after spraying it over your dog/cats’s coat, there is no need to wash with water […]

Biogroom Silk Creme Rinse Dog conditioner,355ml

biogroom silk conditioning creme rinse

As the name suggests, this conditioner from biogroom(usa) ensures your dog’s coat is silky smooth after shampoo. It also has a detangling action and makes long messy coat easy to manage. After harsh flea and tick shampoos, when the coat becomes dry and tabgly, this conditioner eases things out. Features: 1)Slky smooth shining coat. 2)Moisturizes, […]

Biogroom Ultra Black Color Enhanced dog shampoo 355ml

Biogroom ultra black dog shampoo

This premium shampoo has been manufactured by renowned petcare firm Biogroom and then been imported to India. This shampoo is specially formulated for black and other dark color coated dogs of all breeds and age above 2 months. Features: 1)Pearl-scent brighteners for enhanced black,blue and other dark shades. 2)Mild coconut oil based with neutral pH,add […]

Biogroom Herbal Groom Conditioning shampoo 355ml for dogs and cats


This super-premium pet shampoo imported from biogroom(usa) is an all natural tear free shampoo devoid of any artificial chemicals. This shampoo is made of a blend of Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Hops, Yarrow, Matricaria, and Balm Mint extracts,all of which occur naturally. It’s advanced formula gently cleanses and nourishes your pet’s coat leaving behind sweet […]

Biogroom Bronze Lustre Color Enhancer dog shampoo 355ml

Biogroom bronze lustre dog shampoo

This is a super-premium imported shampoo manufactured by renowned pet care firm Biogroom(USA). This shampoo is specially formulated for dogs with light to dark brown/golden fur of the likes of golden retriever,brown Labrador,dachshund etc. Suitable for dogs of any breed and age with coat color golden or brown of any shade. Features: 1)Intensifies and dazzles […]

Biogroom Fluffy Puppy Tear-free shampoo for puppies

biogroom tear free puppy shampoo

Manufactured by Biogroom(USA)   Genuine import. 100% NATURAL TEAR FREE SHAMPOO. This shampoo has been specifically formulated for puppies(1 month-15 months old) who have sensitive skin and delicate coat.Also this shampoo is tear free which means if this gets into your dog’s eye,it will not cause itching/tears unlike other dog shampoo. This is mainly because […]