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Trixie Walker Care Comfort Protective Dog boots(1 pair shoe)


Small10cm sole – suitable for pugs, terriers and other small dogs.

Medium12cm sole – suitable for medium sized dogs like beagle. bulldog .

Large 13cm sole – suitable for fairly large sized breeds like golden , labrador , german shepherd.

Extra-large17cm sole – suitable for giant dogs like great dane / rottweiler.

Sizes mentioned are considering adult dog size of respective breed , for small puppy of age below 5 months of any breed, choose small variants.

SKU: trixie-dog-shoes


Trixie Protective dog/puppy shoe has been manufactured by Trixie in Germany and has then been imported to India. Unlike other dog shoes which hardly feel well to the dog and are mostly worn for show, these premium imported boots serve the purpose they are supposed to, i.e -protect your dog’s paws and look good as well. The snug-fit ensures your pupper will like these boots and not take them off.


1)Although the material(Artificial leather) is soft-shell, these boots are durable, so if you have got a doggy that loves chewing, these dog shoes will not get torn up to pieces at first use.

2)Soft fleece padding for extra comfort and vinyl black sole.

3)Great fit(available in 4 sizes) because of an additional cuff.

4)Can be useful during dog paw injuries as well, prevents infection. Comes with reflective stripes for good look. Water-repellent coating.

4)Comes in 4 sizes- small,medium,large and extra large.

This can be worn in either the front pair of legs or the rear one together or separately. In case you want for 4 paws, you will need to buy 2.

We will recommend not to buy these just for show, this is useful mostly if your dog paw has injuries or you are taking your dog some place where his/her paws may hurt like on hot pitch in summer or walking on sharp objects. If you want shoes only to make your doggo look cute or take a picture of your dog wearing these boots and then remove, look for cheaper ones. There are many dog shoes available for as low as Rs500 a pair, but don’t expect your dog to go take a walk wearing those shoes which are meant only for show, unlike this one.

Quantity– 1 pair(2 boots).

Note- This item can be returned/replaced accordingly in case of size-mismatch for up to 10 days from the date of delivery. Contact us through the chat option at the bottom-right corner of this page for exchange/return.

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