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Drools Purepet Milk 1Kg Premium dog biscuit


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Description:The pure-pet premium range of dog biscuits is the ideal way to treat/reward your dog.These biscuits apart from being very delicious are also rich in nutrients and supplements.You can use these during training or as appetiser for your dog.In short,these are the best biscuits you can get currently in India at any price range.

These biscuits are suitable for dogs of any breed and age above 2months.


1)Made of 10% real,chicken,10% egg and 80% milk extracts.

Please note that this product contains all of the above 3-Real milk,egg and chicken in varied proportions,however the dominant flavour is milk.Flavours dominant of chicken and mutton are also available.

2)High digestibility ensures easy digestion and good stool quality.

3)Very delicious and nutritious.

4)Promotes good dental hygiene.

Storage-Store in a cool,dry place.


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