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Beaphar Puppy Toilet Trainer(House training) for dogs all breed


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Whenever we get a new puppy,one of the toughest things to do is to teah him/her to pee/poop at an appropriate plae.However,puppies will urinate anywhere in the first few days.Puppies have a tendency to urinate at the same place again and again.However if the puppy urinates at an undesired plaes,clean it up ompletely.Now youhave to apply 2-3 drops of this solution in the plae where you want you puppy to urinate/defecate.

Dosage-Apply 2-4 drops in the place where you want your puppy to poop/pee several times a day.

Once the puppy understands it’s use and urinates/defecates there,be sure to reward him/her.

Be advised it might take some time initially to achieve desired effect.


1)This product contains a pheromone based compound to potty train young pups.

2)Specially formulated for easy housetraining and continuous use rewards you with a properly house-trained dog.

3)Contains an unique smell that will attract your dog over time to urinate/defecate at the place this is applied.

4)Only for external use to the surface where you want puppy to pee.Do not feed this to your dog in case case.


Precaution-Might cause stain on sensible surfaces,so test on an inconspicuous place for staining.

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