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Beaphar Dry Revive Spray Coat cleaner 150ml dogs/cats


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This dry revive spray cleaner freshens the coat without water and leaves the coat with a soft silky shine.This solution in the spray is highly volatile and hence dries away quickly,thus no wet coat problems.This also leave behind a fresh odour.
1)Useful before dog shows or on dull coat dogs,also suitable for cats.
2)Keeps pet clean without need of bath specially in rainy or winter weather.
3)Ease of use as doesn’t leave any residue or wet coat.
4)Also suitable for hydrophobic dogs/cats.
5)Can be used daily without need of soap or shampoo.
Aqua(solvent),alcohol,Polysorbate 80,Cl 19140,NaCl,Diethyl phthalate.
External use only*

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