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Beaphar Doggy’s Biotine Dog supplement


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This product from Beaphar comes in form of tasty treats and has biotine which ensures healthy skin,coat and heart.This is very beneficial for dogs suffering from cardiac disorders or those with dull coat/eyes.
1)Exclusive heart shaped tasty kibble which can also act as treat/reward.
2)Dogs will alopecia and dermatitis can benefit from this.
3)Good for dogs suffering from retinal degeneration(eye) and age prone cardiac disorders.
4)Contains both biotine and taurine.
5)Can also be given to lactating and pregnant dogs and pups of any age or breed.
6)Contains vitamins and high quality protein from shrimps and yeast.
Dosage– 0-4 tablets/day/10kg body weight.
Whey powder,biotin(800ug/kg),taurine(950mg/kg),vit b12,b6(350mg/kg),niacin(3000mg/kg),pantothenic acid,dicalcium phosphate,sucrose,starch,yeast,NaCl.
No, of tabs-75.

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